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coil winding machine for transformer

2021-08-27 13:33:36

kingsing Preferential activities

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terminal crimping machine

coil winding machine for transformercoil winding machine for transformercoil winding machine for transformercoil winding machine for transformer,How Biden learned of the Kabul attack, according to the White House press secretaryWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki provided a breakdown of when President Biden learned of the attack in Kabul that claimed the lives of 12 US service members and injured another 15."Initial reports of the attacks came in as members of his national security team were gathering in the Situation Room for a regular meeting with the President, so they were just gathering and sitting down," Psaki said today during a news briefing."As the President arrived in the Situation Room, one of the first updates he received, of course, was about the attacks on the ground in Kabul," she added. "There were — this was a developing situation, as it has been through the course of the day and through the course of his briefing with his national security team this morning, his commanders on the ground also and in the region gave regular updates as they learned more information."Psaki continued: "Once he left the Situation Room, those updates proceeded through the course of the day. He's been in constant contact with his national security adviser, his secretary of state, secretary of defense and military commanders both here and in the region."