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how to cut webbing

2021-09-01 11:19:04

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how to cut webbinghow to cut webbinghow to cut webbinghow to cut webbing,The evacuation of Americans and Afghan refugees had shifted into high gear at Kabul Airport Thursday when a suicide bomber and gunmen attacked crowds outside the airport. Thirteen US service members were among the more than 170 people killed. Frida Ghitis called the "horrific attack" a "reminder of the threats in Afghanistan and the challenges that lie ahead as America tries to disengage."Among the many questions facing the Biden administration: Should the US recognize the Taliban regime? Will the new leaders of Afghanistan, who promise peace and an amnesty, impose the same kind of draconian rule they enforced when they first took over the country in 1996?"So far, evidence that the Taliban has changed is mixed, at best," Ghitis wrote. "Already women have been told to stay home, for their safety. ...Prominent female journalists have reportedly been taken off the air and there is evidence that much worse unfolded as the Taliban swept toward Kabul."In The Atlantic, Peter Nicholas wrote, Thursday's attacks "cast doubt on a core claim that Biden has used to justify the troop pullout—that even without a military presence in Afghanistan, the U.S. can still stave off terrorist attacks." With the evacuation continuing ahead of the Aug. 31 troop withdrawal deadline, he noted, about 1,000 Americans were still in Afghanistan. "Biden has pledged to leave none behind. If anyone remains stranded, Biden's unfulfilled promise may haunt his presidency for the rest of the term, while providing propaganda fodder for terrorists," observed Nicholas."Is there a greater terrorist threat today than Afghanistan?" That was Peter Bergen's question after the Kabul terror attack. "The UN says thousands of 'foreign fighters' have poured into Afghanistan in the past months, energized by the Taliban's victories, to join jihadist groups such as al Qaeda," Bergen noted. "Just when you think that Biden's unforced error of unilaterally and incompetently withdrawing from Afghanistan couldn't get any worse, it does."Gen. David Petraeus, in a Q&A with Bergen, called the takeover "hugely disheartening and sad" and said the US made key errors in its negotiations with the Taliban over the past three years, beginning with the Trump administration. "First, the negotiations announced to the Afghan people and the Taliban that the US really did intend to leave...regardless of what they committed to us. Second, we undermined the elected Afghan government, however flawed it may have been, by not insisting on a seat for it at the negotiations we were conducting about the country they actually governed. Third, as part of the eventual agreement, we forced the Afghan government to release 5,000 Taliban fighters, many of whom quickly returned to the fight as reinforcements for the Taliban."