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webbing cutter

2021-09-06 15:46:11

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terminal crimping machine

webbing cutterwebbing cutterwebbing cutterwebbing cutter,light attendants are safety professionals trained in dealing with everything from a medical emergency to a potential terrorist incident."We're not here to serve you a Coke, we're here to save your life," is how Amirzadeh puts it.But there's the concern, she says, that dealing with unruly passengers could prevent crew from dealing with other issues on board."We are the people that are going to give you CPR, we're the people that are going to give you the Heimlich maneuver, we are the people that are going to put out the fire. But we might miss those things if we're too busy arguing with someone else about putting their mask on."Malis says dealing with unruly passengers is a team effort -- if a passenger seems to have taken against a particular flight attendant, another crew member stepping in could calm them down.Carr says she keeps tabs on mask-wearing from the moment travelers step onto the plane, and will first offer a friendly reminder.If someone continues not to comply, there are several warning steps culminating in the traveler getting handed a card stating that if they continue, they'll be reported to the airline and could lose travel privileges.As Amirzadeh points out, a flight attendant can't force someone to wear a mask."But I can let him know that if he doesn't, then I hope that wherever we're landing is his final destination, because his return ticket's going to be canceled, we're going to file a report with the FAA, and you could face fines, and other legal ramifications."Flight attendants are also able to take self defense classes organized via the Transportation Security Administration."I think more and more flight attendants need to start taking some self defense classes and need to be prepared to protect themselves and that's a sad thing," says Amirzadeh..On January 13, 2021, the FAA signed an order directing a stricter legal enforcement policy against unruly airline passengers, promising a zero-tolerance campaign.Any passenger who "assaults, threatens, intimidates, or interferes with airline crew members" could face fines of up to $35,000 and prison time.The FAA also recently launched a public awareness campaign, which includes a video, as well as some social media memes.The agency has also asked US airports to ensure law enforcement on the ground deals with reported inflight incidents, as well as consider issues associated with to-go alcohol.The AFA flight attendant union is pressing for the zero tolerance policy to become permanent."It's also important that the Department of Justice is prosecuting some of these events," says Carr. "These unruly passenger events have been so egregious, flight attendants have been attacked, and injured [...] in situations like that, it's important that they're facing criminal prosecution and that's something that needs to be publicized as well."Malis also suggests there should be further coordination between airlines to ensure passengers banned from one airline can't board other US carriers.Carr and Amirzadeh are both members of the AFA flight attendant union, while Malis is involved in the American Airlines' union.They say flight attendants have been sharing stories with their unions and their private networks -- across carriers -- providing support and solidarity.The AFA union is offering employee assistance via therapy sessions."There are certainly flight attendants that definitely need a break physically, mentally, and emotionally. But right now, the staffing is not there to support any type of voluntary leave option," says Malis.