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Wire stripper is an indispensable processing equipment for processing wire harness of new energy vehicles

2022-10-12 11:36:40 美工

In the case of increasing environmental pollution, the country is paying more and more attention to the severity of environmental pollution. In order to reduce the pollution of automobile exhaust, the country has introduced a new energy policy, and the new energy vehicle market has grown very rapidly. More and more enterprises have slowly invested in this industry, bringing unprecedented spring to new energy vehicles, and also bringing a very good development prospect to the electric vehicle wire harness processing industry. However, the wire harness of electric vehicles is a particularly troublesome problem for manufacturers. There are a lot of wire harnesses processed by electric vehicle manufacturers themselves. Due to professional and technical reasons, the production cost increases and the production cycle cannot be satisfied, which makes many enterprises lose confidence in the processing of the wire harness of electric vehicles. How to process the wire harness of new energy electric vehicles?

The wire harness of electric vehicles is a kind of wire harness that is very difficult to process in the wire harness processing. There are many automobile wire harness processing plants in China whose technical level cannot keep up with the demand for the processing quality of the wire harness of electric vehicles. At the same time, electric vehicles are also a relatively new industry, so there are few wire strippers available to process this type of wire harness in the market. In view of the current market vacancy for processing wire harness equipment of electric vehicles, Wire harness processing equipment manufacturers independently developed wire stripper equipment suitable for professional production of various electric vehicle wire harness industries.

In the process of processing, the fully automatic wire stripper only needs to set simple wire harness parameters, which can save more manpower. At the same time, high-precision processing also makes the yield of wire rod much higher than other processing equipment, reducing more production costs, and can well meet the processing requirements of the electric vehicle wire harness processing manufacturers.