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Talking about the Functional Advantages of Double Parallel Line Automatic Terminal Machine

2022-10-12 11:39:51 美工

The functional advantages of double parallel line full-automatic terminal machine are introduced as follows:

Double parallel full-automatic terminal machine refers to a machine used for wire harness processing, also known as full-automatic double head wire stripping terminal machine. It is a new wire harness processing equipment integrating feeding, cutting, stripping and pressing. It is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, and can reduce a lot of labor costs in the production process.

Advantages of double parallel line automatic terminal machine: high precision, fast speed, wire stripping, wire splitting and terminal pressing detection system. The digital control interface is adopted, which is safe, easy to operate and time saving.

The following details its advantages in four aspects:

  • The production efficiency of double parallel line full-automatic terminal machine is higher: because all operating mechanisms are integrated in a straight line, the production time of a single electronic line is reduced, and the production capacity is doubled compared with traditional models.

  • Advanced structure design: break the traditional work flow layout, and highly integrate wire arrangement, wire cutting, peeling, end pressing and wire splitting.

  • Stable structure and low use cost: due to the effective reduction of large-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, the running in of mechanical transmission is reduced, and the unstable factors are greatly reduced. The simplification of the structure has greatly reduced the cost of subsequent maintenance.

  • Full servo control, can be positive and negative crimping processing, interval crimping.