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Common problems and solutions of automatic tin dip machine

2022-10-12 11:42:22 美工

1. Scratching and cutting the core wire

The phenomenon of cutting copper wire sometimes occurs in the process of automatic wire cutting and tinning machine. Most of the reason is that the rubber did not fall through the waste pipe in time after peeling, but hung on the peeling cutter, which affected the subsequent peeling and caused the core wire to be damaged by extrusion. In view of the occurrence of this situation, a suction device can be installed on each machine to ensure that all the cut off peeling can be dropped into the waste pipe in time. In addition, the wear of the peeling knife will also cause the knife edge to stick to the rubber. Regular inspection and replacement of the blade can effectively avoid the phenomenon of damage to the core wire and the length of the peeling. A summary of the common processing methods is as follows:

  • Continue each damaged core wire. First check the stripping depth to see if the knife value is too deep causing each wire to scratch the core wire. In this case, adjusting the depth of the tool value can be solved.

  • The core wire is occasionally damaged during the work. This is generally caused by the rubber stuck at the edge of the knife and squeezed when the next line is peeled, that is, the rubber is not cleaned after peeling. Mainly check whether the knife edge is worn or not and whether the device for handling the rubber is perfect. It is recommended to replace the blade with a new one and check whether the blowing or suction device is blocked or the air pressure is not high enough.

  • There is a gap between the tool holder and the tool itself, which causes the knife edge to be large and small and unstable. If the service life of the machine is too long, there will be gaps between the connecting accessories, and various accessories cannot be closely matched. In this case, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for on-site inspection and timely replacement of parts.

2. Wire peeling oblique mouth, peeling length

In the working process of the automatic tin dipping machine, sometimes the wire peeling is oblique, and the peeling is too long or too short.

Wire peeling oblique edge: This situation is generally caused by the wire not aligning with the center point of the knife edge and skewing to one side. The solution is to take the center point of the knife edge as the benchmark, and adjust the fixture for fixing the wire to a straight line through the upper, lower, left and right adjustment and the center of the knife edge. In addition, check whether the blade is worn or not. For example, when the blade is worn and peeled, the blade does not completely cut in, and pulling it back will also cause the length of the bevel or the peeling.

The stripping of the wire is too long or too short: this situation is generally caused by the wear and tear of the knife edge. It is also possible that the clip is not tightened and slipped, which leads to stretched when peeling, the rubber is not peeled off, and the length of the peeling mouth is short. The solution is to check whether the blade edge of the blade is worn or not, and replace the blade in time. Check the clip for slippage and adjust accordingly.