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How to distinguish inferior wires and cables

2022-10-14 11:23:20 美工

       When using the automatic terminal machine to process the harness, if inferior wires and cables are encountered, the rate of                     authentic products will be greatly reduced. How to identify these inferior cables and wires?

  •        Look carefully at the label print, the handwriting is vague. This is the most obvious sign of inferior wires, which are generally         produced by informal small manufacturers.

  • Twist and rub the insulation leather by hand, and it is proved that the quality is poor by discoloration and word dropping.

  • Then use your nails to scratch and pinch the wires. If the wires fall off, it means that the quality of the wires is unqualified.

  • Bend the insulated wire repeatedly, and it will break after three to four times of bending.

  •  Ignite the wire insulation with fire, and the wire will spontaneously ignite after leaving the open fire.

  • The core is usually aluminum and copper, and the color becomes dark and light.

  •        Fine measure the inner diameter and outer diameter, and then weigh them. If the measured values of the inner diameter               and outer diameter differ by more than 10% from the indicated standard values, it indicates that they are inferior wires.