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Daily maintenance of the blade of the wire stripping machine

2022-10-14 11:28:48 美工

The blade is an indispensable part of the cold stripping process as the wire stripping equipment. The blade determines the precision of wire stripping and the efficiency of wire harness processing. The quality and type of the blade depend on the applicability and universality of your machine.

So the blade is so important as a consumable. What can we do to keep the blade's service life as long as possible?

1. Operate the machine correctly and strictly according to the operating instructions of the equipment. Avoid damage to the wire stripper blade due to improper operation.

2. The type of wire harness shall be processed with appropriate blades. For example, the armored wire harness can only be processed with blades specific to the armored wire harness, while the service life of the ordinary blade for processing the armored wire harness will be greatly shortened.

3. The selection and purchase of the blade of the wire stripping machine, the material of the blade of the wire stripping machine is also closely related to the service life. The material is too poor, the hardness is too soft, the material is too steel, and it is easy to break. In the selection and purchase of the blade, it is necessary to choose a high-quality business, which is the basis for ensuring production.

4. The blade of the wire stripping machine shall be wiped clean before and after use, and the surrounding of the blade shall be cleaned to avoid failure affecting the wire stripping accuracy.

5. If the blade of the wire stripper is not used for a long time, it is better to wrap it with oil paper to avoid oxidation in contact with wet air.