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What are the disadvantages and advantages of the Super Mute Terminal Machines?

2022-10-18 15:24:03 美工

The terminal machine is applicable to the wire rod industry and the wire rod processing field, and has been widely used. However, compared with ordinary terminal machines, Super Mute terminal machines are more popular. Of course, this is inseparable from the advantages of the super mute terminal machine. Formally, it is precisely because of these advantages that enterprises can reduce costs and improve work efficiency. What are its advantages? Next, we will introduce you to the disadvantages and advantages of the super mute terminal machine.

Advantages of Super Mute Terminal Machines

1. Operating efficiency

Super mute terminal machine is very efficient, has stable structure and excellent safety. It can stop working automatically when encountering problems. According to statistics, 3500 wires can be processed every hour at twice the normal speed. As a result, the whole super silent terminal machine helps enterprises save a lot of costs.

2. Fully automatic production

The operation of automatic terminal machine is very simple and safe. As long as the power supply is connected, it can operate normally. Basically ,one person can operate it, which saves the enterprise a lot of labor costs. In addition, the automatic terminal machine can run 24 hours a day, greatly improving the time for the production of products. In summary, the cost of products has been greatly reduced.

Disadvantages of Super Mute Terminal Machines

1. Equipment failure has great effect on productivity

Because of the high efficiency of the ultra-silent terminal machine, which is twice as high as that of the single-head fully automatic terminal machine, and double the capacity affected if the equipment fails, the requirements for equipment maintenance are also very high, and there are usually professional personnel to watch over the machine

2. Not so flexible

Because standardized production of machines is often suitable for long-term production in large quantities, and the flexibility is not so high, it is not suitable for small-scale production with many varieties. There will be big problems in production capacity, quality and personnel training.