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What is the common loss of automatic terminal machine?

2022-10-18 10:28:51 美工

After the long-term operation of the automatic terminal machine equipment, whether it is an embedded structure or an external component, such as the transmission belt and the cutter head, damage is inevitable. If it is not removed and replaced in time, it will lead to the expansion of the component gap, common faults in sealing, loose connection, abnormal adjustment, lack of precision and other problems, speeding up the damage of parts.

This is gradually formed and presented when the automatic terminal machine equipment is used for a long time. Reasonable maintenance of automatic terminal machine equipment can reduce the loss of accessories, but can not avoid problems. Therefore, the above losses are also losses in normal operation.

As the operators do not know much about the equipment operation specifications and know little about the equipment maintenance, especially in the short term, the technical quality of the staff is low, the equipment operation is not in compliance, they neglect the equipment adjustment and maintenance, blindly follow the trend to catch up with the construction period, and seize the progress, so that the mechanical equipment will continue to be overweight, or "sick" operation, or even illegal operation will speed up the damage and aging of the terminal equipment.

General automatic terminal equipment spare parts are: drive belt, knife head, iron clip, heating pipe, thermal resistance, etc. According to equipment components, high-quality automatic terminal equipment manufacturers will notify customers of the consumable parts of their equipment. Customers can operate the equipment more intuitively according to consumable parts of automatic terminal equipment, improve the maintenance of automatic terminal equipment and improve the working efficiency of automatic terminal equipment.