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How can single terminal machine bring greater benefits to enterprises?

2022-10-21 09:34:04 美工

Single terminal machine is one of many types of terminal machines. It not only runs fast, but also changes wires easily. The wire head and wire tail of this terminal are both in the form of numerical control, and the cutter is adjusted by the computer, which reduces the difficulty of work.


The single head terminal machine is an automatic terminal machine. The structure of this terminal machine is relatively new. Its vulnerable parts are imported from abroad, which can ensure the quality. No one needs to worry about what problems will occur during its operation. In addition, the automation process of the single head terminal machine is also very high. Its maximum speed can reach 5400 pieces per hour, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the number of employees.

The single terminal machine has the characteristics of high speed, stability, intelligence, etc; The touch screen full digital setting is adopted: cutting length, peeling length, knife value, half peeling value, terminal crimping glue wrapping, and electric adjustment knife design, which improves the production efficiency and is the same type of machine with the highest automation process in the market at present.