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Causes of Bearing Overheating of Automatic Terminal Machine

2022-10-21 09:35:50 美工

Generally, there are many reasons for the bearing overheating of automatic terminal machine, among which the following are common ones. Let's take a look.


1. Bearing covers and shafts rub against each other. Because the axis of the shaft and the axis of the mechanical equipment driven by the terminal machine are not on the same line when assembling, or the inner circle of the bearing cover is eccentric due to inaccurate machining, the bearing cover and the shaft rub against each other locally. Light bearings get hot, heavy bearings get smoke, and large high-speed motors get red soon when they rub against each other. Stop immediately at this time or the fully automatic terminal will burn out

2. If the belt is too tight or the shaft center of the fully automatic terminal machine and the driven machine are not in the same straight line, that is, they are not concentric, the bearing load will increase and heat up.

3. The imbalance of the inner and outer rings of the ball bearing is one of the causes of heating. The imbalance of the inner and outer rings of the terminal machine may originate from machining. Because the base and end cover of the automatic terminal machine are processed separately, sometimes the bearing holes on the two end covers are not coaxial (that is, the centerline is not on the same line). In addition, poor assembly, uneven screw tightness on the end cover, and dust and dirt on the seam may also cause imbalance of the inner and outer rings. If the inner and outer rings of the bearing are not balanced, the steel ball and the inner and outer rings will be scraped, which will increase the friction and heat. If there is no other reason, wipe the machine mouth and reinstall, and tighten the screws one by one in diagonal order. A small amount of errors formed during processing can be improved due to gradual automatic adjustment.

4. Too much or too little lubricating oil is also the cause of heating. The bearing has been used for a long time, and the internal lubricating oil is gradually reduced, so that the lubrication is insufficient and the friction loss is increased, which makes the bearing hot. Long term oil shortage operation will cause bearing damage. Too much oil or too thick oil can also cause bearing overheating. In addition, if the lubricating oil is mixed with hard particles and impurities, the bearing is not cleaned, or the bearing is cleaned with dirty oil to leave sand and iron filings in the bearing, the mechanical friction of the bearing will be increased, the bearing will be heated, and the bearing will be easily damaged due to the effect of impurities.