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Brief Analysis on the Reasons for Different Production Efficiency of Different Terminal Machines

2022-10-24 13:03:21 美工

The production efficiency of different terminal machines is different. Theoretically, the production efficiency of fully automatic double terminal machines is much higher than that of fully automatic single terminal machines. As for why this happens, let's give you a brief introduction.

(1) Upgrading version of terminal machine

The automatic double ended terminal machine itself is upgraded from the automatic single ended terminal machine. Because it initially occupied a dominant position in the sales market, and later because of the market demand, the technical level of the manufacturer's product research and development terminal machine is also getting higher and higher, so the product is developed. The production efficiency of the automatic double ended terminal machine is much higher than that of the automatic single ended terminal machine.

    (2) The price of terminal machine is different

Generally speaking, the price of full-automatic double terminal machines of the same well-known brand is higher than that of full-automatic single terminal machines.

(3)  The cost of terminal machine maintenance is different

Due to the more complex structure of the fully automatic double ended terminal machine, the general necessary maintenance cost will be slightly higher, not just the maintenance cost. The comprehensive man hour loss caused by common fault shutdown is actually twice.