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How to solve the problem that the computer wire stripper has different lengths when working?

2022-10-24 14:20:02 美工

1. The adhesion of wire is large. When cutting and pulling, the pulling force is large. Because of the problem of mechanical cooperation, the length of cutting and peeling will vary; This depends on whether the wire stripper can effectively handle the wire harnesses it needs to process. There has been a customer's feedback that the wire stripping is not good or can not be done. The reason is that the wire to be stripped is not within the scope of application of the wire stripper, which leads to problems in wire cutting and wire stripping.

2.  Slip: We know that in the process of cutting and peeling, it is necessary to press the wire with a belt or pulley; When the harness is not fully compressed, the wire will shift under the pull of the blade, resulting in different lengths of peeling and cutting. In this case, adjust the compression.

3.  Cable racks are pulled, which may be a situation that is easily overlooked; When asked about technology, he told me that when you pull a rope to the right yourself, I pull it to the left, or even to the left, then your rope will naturally shift; This can occur when changing wiring or when a foreign object is blocking the wire rack.