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What happens when the blades of the soldering machine are worn out?

2022-10-25 11:00:00 美工

The blade of soldering machine is a necessary part, but it is easy to wear because of long-term and frequent cutting work. What is the problem of blade wear?


1.Non-uniform cut-off surface of wire harness

If there is a notch in the blade wear, the uneven cutting surface of the wire harness may occur. In this way, according to the requirements of wire harness production, some strict products will be directly defective and need to be reworked or even scrapped.

2. Incomplete wire harness cut-off

The blades are worn so that the cut-off is incomplete. The rubber part of the wire harness may be completely separated by the pull of the wire harness. From the naked eye, it is also cut off. However, it may cause potential quality hazards in the wire harness production and finally lead to unstable wire harness quality.

3. Blade offset

Wear of the blades may result in uneven force on the blades, resulting in a slight deviation of the blades, which may cause a variety of different problems in wire harness production when the threshold value is exceeded, which may be detected over a period of time.