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Scope of application of full automatic soldering machine

2022-10-25 11:01:49 美工

1. The production volume is large, and the specifications are many, and the straight plug-in units are mainly used. One machine can be used in general, without machine adjustment. Compared with wave soldering, the efficiency is similar, but the cost is greatly reduced, and the quality is guaranteed.

2. There are manufacturers of instruments and equipment. There are many PCB specifications, but the number is very small. Manual soldering requires high proficiency of employees, and wave soldering costs are high, so automatic soldering furnace is selected.

3. For some large boards that will deform during soldering, our company has specially made a fixture to prevent PCB from deformation during soldering.


Soldering method of automatic soldering machine:

As long as the base plate coated with flux is placed on the needle holder and the starting switch is pressed once, various base plates can be welded at one time. The time from oblique angle of the substrate to horizontal soldering and the angle from which the substrate is discharged are controlled by a computer to fully simulate the principles of manual soldering and wave soldering machines. It is more than 5 times the manual speed with stable quality and high production efficiency.