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Specific Application of Automatic Soldering Machine

2022-10-27 13:39:18 美工

The fully automatic soldering machine can improve the working efficiency by 20% - 80% in production and is widely used in the soldering industry. What specific industries need the fully automatic soldering machine? Let's take a look at what industries the automatic soldering machine is used in!


Automatic soldering machine is widely used in aerospace, national defense, high-end communication and other industries. In order to pursue the reliability of solder joints under extreme conditions, through-hole components are still the best choice (the welding of surface mounted components is completed on one surface, while the solder wraps the pins of the entire component during the welding of through-hole components, so the reliability is better measured from the mechanical perspective).

The automatic soldering machine is used in electronic components. Many components, DIP packaging components, connectors, sensors, transformers, shielding shields, flat wires, cables, speakers and motors that are sensitive to temperature and cannot pass reflow soldering and wave soldering are all within the scope of the automatic soldering machine.

When the automatic soldering machine is used in the trial production of small quantities of products, it will not use complex production methods and expensive large-scale equipment. The small soldering machine can meet the needs of small quantities of products and achieve the goal of low cost and high efficiency.

Full automatic soldering machine saves labor cost. Due to labor cost and other reasons, it is the best choice to use soldering machine instead of manual welding.