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Correct Operation Method of Coaxial Stripper

2022-10-27 13:41:03 美工

The coaxial wire stripper is a wire harness processing machine with high efficiency. Compared with the traditional wire stripper, the intelligent level of the coaxial wire stripper is higher. On the basis of saving labor costs, the requirements for the production and manufacturing of various vehicle wire harnesses are also considered. Now the coaxial wire stripper has been widely used in the wire harness processing industry, so how to correctly operate the coaxial wire stripper?

Before starting the coaxial stripper, the line check must be carried out to ensure that there is no problem with the line connection. Subsequently, the relevant data information is set according to the requirements to ensure the precision of stripping, so that the basic requirements can be considered. Secondly, during operation, the key points at all levels must be paid attention to, so as to keep the three-phase and five-wire parts free from blockage, carry out inspection immediately in case of noise and guide the transportation of wire material effectively.

Coaxial stripper should adjust according to specific conditions. What needs to be prepared in advance is to set the length, number of rolls and total number of cut wires respectively according to the regulations. The section of cut cables should comply with the regulations.

When operating the coaxial stripper, we should also know its relevant precautions. The coaxial stripper must be operated by professionals who have received technical training. The technicians should know the general characteristics and structure of the equipment, understand the common faults of the equipment, and identify and solve the emergency measures. Stop the equipment when leaving the machine and equipment during processing, so that the guarantor can stop off the machine. During the whole process of equipment operation, finger should not be close to cutter head and barrel clamp to prevent crushing. Shut down immediately when common faults occur, and start up only after the fault has been solved, so the machine and equipment can not operate with fault overload.