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Working principle of terminal machine pressure detection device

2022-10-28 10:55:42 美工

The principle of the pressure management device of the terminal machine is to collect a certain total number of high-quality product waveforms and convert them into standard waveforms according to the high-quality product waveforms. Then compare the waveform collected in the production process (measured waveform) with the standard waveform. If the difference exceeds the preset threshold, the alarm system will be output. The actual comparison method is to obtain the eigenvalue of the matrix in a specific section (such as the highest value and total area in a specific section), and compare the eigenvalue of the matrix of the standard wave table with the eigenvalue of the measured waveform matrix. According to the waveform of the alarm, the product quality is determined manually. After selecting the good or bad products, the alarm is eliminated and the products are manufactured again.

According to the pressure management device, we can detect this cable crimping problem, prevent this poor crimping fake and inferior products from flowing to customers, avoid the problem of poor product quality, and thus improve productivity.