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Process of changing terminal machine blade

2022-10-28 10:57:24 美工

1. First, turn off the power to stop the mechanical equipment, which will be safer, especially for novices.

2. Then take down the old blade, find the corresponding place where the screwdriver loosens the blade, take down the old blade, pay attention to safety, and do not scratch. Please keep the blade properly after removing it.

3. Then install a new blade, remove the blade and replace it with another one. Make sure to install blades of the same specification and model.

4. Then, adjust the blade parallel to the terminal. Loosen the fixing screw of the automatic terminal machine blade, and then adjust to make the terminal parallel to the blade to achieve the processing effect.

5. Turn on the power supply of the mechanical equipment of the automatic terminal. After start-up and commissioning, if there is no problem, it will be handed over to workers for operation.