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Features of fully automatic stripping machine (laser)

2022-10-31 11:41:41 美工

1. Fully automatic, complete functions, convenient operation, simple and stable operation;

2. It can peel off the inner shield layer and the insulation of various materials well, so that the inner shield layer will not cause deformation and damage of the insulation layer. Stripping the insulation layer will not damage the conductor and result in a high yield.

3. The problems such as difficult control of cutter stripping, dirty shallow stripping, easy cutting depth to cut copper core and unable to strip multi-layer wire were solved.

4. Simple operation settings, non-mechanical contact processing, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on processing materials, good processing quality;

5. The position, size and depth of stripping can be controlled. High accuracy and consistency of repeated positioning;

6. The machine has reasonable structure, humanized design, power, stable performance, fast stripping speed, high precision and low failure rate, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation.

7. The tensile strength of all types of wire after laser stripping is higher than that of wire after thermal stripping.

8. No wiredrawing or irregularity occurs at the cut-outs of the inner and outer insulation layer of the wire after laser stripping.

9. There is no change in the insulation performance of the wire before and after laser stripping.

10.The performance of the inner and outer insulator ports of the wire remains unchanged after laser stripping.