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What are the functions of the stripping machine

2022-10-31 11:47:07 美工

With the rapid development of our industry, stripping machines are used in many industrial plants. Do you know the functions of stripping machines?


1. Electronic wire stripping machine: The electronic wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic stripping machine and fully automatic stripping machine. Fully automatic wire stripping machine, also known as computer wire stripping machine, is generally driven by stepper motor or servo motor and controlled by PLC or single-chip computer programming. It can cut off wires according to specified length and strip both ends. At the same time, there are many models with enhanced functions, such as: support for stripping small windows in the middle, support for twisting multi-core wires, support for automatic wire stripping of rows, and so on. Supports layered stripping of conductors with multi-layer insulation, etc. Semi-automatic stripping machine requires manual operation, which can effectively compensate for the blank of automatic stripping machine, and can process wire that can not be completed by automatic stripping machine, such as large cable lines, cores for stripping sheathed wire, etc.

2. Coaxial stripping machine: Coaxial stripping machine is specially used for processing signal lines, such as audio line, router antenna, laptop data line, etc. Such wiring harnesses generally have three or more layers of protective layers, and generally have metal braided mesh layers for shielding signal interference. The machining accuracy is extremely high and it is almost impossible to finish the processing of such wiring harnesses manually. Coaxial stripping machine uses rotary knife head for rotary cutting, which can strip layers by layers with high precision. It is also divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic models, semi-automatic coaxial stripping machine requires manual operation, while fully automatic coaxial cable stripping machine can work fully without manual work.

3. Used cable stripping machine: Used cable stripping machine is a kind of equipment for recycling used cables and cables, which can separate the copper core of cables from the insulation layer and recycle them separately. It usually uses a blade to cut the surface of the wire and then extrudes it through a drum to separate the wire skin from the copper core. For the finer and scattered waste wire, the copper rice machine is usually used to process it. The copper rice machine can crush the wire and wire, and then separate the copper particles from the wire skin by using equipment such as water-shaking punch.