Coaxial Cable Stripper

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Coaxial Cable Stripper

  • Model:KS-W501
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

Coaxial connectors require especially precise processing of the conductors: KS-W501 is the ideal tools for meeting the quality requirements of connector assembly specifications. It is widely used in coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layered cable stripping in up to 9 layers. KS-W501 is optimised for the stripping of semi-flexible coaxial cables.

  1. Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine KS-W501 adopt rotating stripping method, Japanese NSK ball bearing and wire rod drive, which control the operation accuracy within 0.08mm.

  2. Rotating blades adopt Swiss Imported tungsten steel, through 15 steps high precision grinding technology to make sure the blades surface roughness within 0.0005mm which guaranteed the cutting accuracy.

  3. Support full stripping, half stripping, middle stripping and twisting.

  4. Minimum conductor damage: the blades cut through the insulation and down to a thin ring around the conductor. That means the remaining area to be pulled off is small and the pull-off force is lower.

  5. The cutting surface is smooth and free of lines or ridges.

  6. The blades displace the insulation uniformly; conductors are not bent.

  7. The same blade processes the widest variety of insulation and cross sections.

  8. Blade changes are eliminated and conversion times are reduced.

Suitable for: Coaxial cable, triaxial cable, shielded cable, TV signal cable, audio cable etc.
Available Wire Size: Φ0.8mm ~ Φ7.0mm
Stripping Length: 0 ~ 48.00mm
Stripping Method: rotary Blade
Stripping Accuracy:± (0.01mm× Stripping Length)
Blade Material: Tungsten Steel
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz  110V/60Hz
Net Weight: 28Kg
Dimension: 226 ×330 × 620mm