Fully Automatic Coaxial Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

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Fully Automatic Coaxial Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-W88 Series
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Kingsing Brand Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine KS-W88 Series is specially designed for Coaxial Cable, Triaxial Cable, Shielded Cable, TV Signal Cable, Audio Cable etc. Solid and reliable processes with powerful, durable technology, these stripping machines have high productivity. All of its wearing parts are made of top quality material, reduced maintenance costs. The changeover between different cables are very convenient. KS-W88 Series Stripping Machine is suitable for antenna semi-flexible and flexible coaxial wire and other special single core wire processing. Advanced rotating cutter coordinates the movable blade holder, enable the machine to process different kinds of complexed cable and wire without changing extra blades. Quality and efficiency more perfect! Special center positioning device and wire feeding device, allow higher accuracy, satisfied high standard requirements in communication industry. 100 sets memory capacity, all of the processing data can be stored integrally and available for use when needed.

Model KS-W881 KS-W882 KS-W885
Suitable Material Coaxial cable, triaxial cable, shielded cable, TV signal cable, audio cable etc.
Blade Quantity 4 pcs
Available Wire Size Φ0.6mm ~ Φ4.0mm Φ1.0mm ~ Φ5.5mm Φ0.81mm ~ Φ3.5mm
Stripping Length total cutting length Min.18mm (with 12mm insulation, half strip)
total cutting length Min.20mm (with 14mm insulation, full strip)
Wire End: Max. 40mm
Wire Head: No limit
total cutting length Min.14mm (with 12mm insulation, half strip) 
Stripping Speed 500 ~ 800 pcs/hour
Stripping Method Rotary Blade
Max. Stripping Layer 8 layers 6 layers 9 layers
Tolerance 0.01mm
Blade Material Tungsten Steel
Air Supply   0.4~0.6Mpa
Power Rating 700W 800W 800W
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz 110V / 60Hz
Net Weight 100Kg 120Kg 120Kg
Dimension 650 × 660 × 400mm 609 × 690 × 400mm 609 × 690 × 400mm