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Automatic Resistor Lead Former

  • Model:KS-F110
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The motorized resistor lead former is ideal for taped components, rotary disc blade is easy to replace and places minimal mechanical stress or axial tension on the component. A toothed drum ensures that leads are perfectly parallel during the cutting process.

Type U F
A 6-40mm 4-15mm
B 3.6-15mm 1-15mm
C 1.2mm 3mm
D 1.5-8mm 1.5-8mm
W 0.35-1mm 0.35-1mm
H   25mm
P   3-13.5mm

Speed: 40000-60000pcs/hour
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Net. Weight: 20Kg
Measurement: 400×250×190mm