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Heavy-duty Rotary Cable Stripper

  • Model:KS-W66 Series
  • Wire Size:
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

With strong driven motors and updated control system, this machine is optimised for the stripping of semi-steel coaxial cables, triaxial and other multi-layered cable stripping in up to 9 layers.

  • The blade head of Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine is fitted with three blades and centering units. Thanks to the special cutting head designing, outer diameter from 3mm to 15mm can be processed perfectly in sequence.

  • The top-quality, durable blades and components enable high processing speeds, which reduces throughput times accordingly. The portable machines are easy to operate and have extremely short cycle times.

Stripping with rotating blades and centering offers major advantages as below:

  1. Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine adopt rotating stripping method, Japanese NSK ball bearing and wire rod drive, which control the operation accuracy within 0.08mm.

  2. Rotating blades adopt Swiss Imported tungsten steel, through 15 steps high precision grinding technology to make sure the blades surface roughness within 0.0005mm which guaranteed the cutting accuracy.

  3. Rotation of KS-W66 Series stripper is highly intuitive and entails no lead time. With just three analogous controls, you can set diameter, stripping length and pull-off length. The display shows the cut diameter in 0.01 mm increments.

  4. It is easy to trigger a processing cycle: the stripping process starts automatically the moment the tip of the conductor touches the trigger sensor. If automatic triggering is not desired or possible (e.g. due to flexible conductors), the foot-operated switch is used.

  5. The centering unit positions the cable with precision.

  6. Support full stripping, half stripping, middle stripping and twisting.

  7. The rotating blades cut the entire circumference of the insulation with precision. The cutting surface is smooth and free of lines or ridges.

  8. Minimum conductor damage: the blades cut through the insulation and down to a thin ring around the conductor. That means the remaining area to be pulled off is small and the pull-off force is lower.

ModelWire Size RangeMax. Stripping Length


Φ1 ~ 15mm85mm
KS-W662Φ3 ~ 25mm150mm
KS-W663Φ3 ~ 25mm200mm
KS-W664Φ5 ~ 35mm150mm
KS-W667Φ5 ~ 35mm200mm
KS-W666Φ5 ~ 35mm300mm
KS-W668Φ8 ~ 45mm200mm