Pneumatic Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine

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Pneumatic Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine

  • Model:KS-T909
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KS-T909 crimping machine has a special feature of wire stripping. This machine can strip the wire before crimping terminals, saved stripping step by hand. This product adopts frequency converting control, super mute, user friendly. The die set is very convenient to change, allow customer to crimp different kinds of terminals easily. The processing wire range covers from AWG18 to AWG32, crimping force is 1.5T. Stripping length from 1.5 to 10 mm.

Available Wire Size: AWG18~AWG32
Stripping Length: 1.5 ~ 10mm
Stripping Accuracy:± (0.01mm× Stripping Length)
Crimping Force: 1.5Ton
Stroke: 30mm (40mm is customizable)
Air Pressure: 0.5MPa - 0.6MPa
Speed: 1000 ~ 1500 pcs/hour
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Net Weight: 75Kg
Dimension: 360 × 390 × 390 mm