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Automatic Toroid Coil Winding Machine

  • Model:KS-W53 Series
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The Digital Automatic Toroid Winding Machine adopts CNC toroid controller, high accuracy, fast speed!
It is belt type winding shuttle, belt type is specially designed for the thick copper wire winding.
Winding direction, winding angle can be programmed easily by operator.
Wire loading and winding speed are adjustable.
Provide 999 sets of program memory function.

Copper wire diameter: 0.35~1.5mm
Min. Finished ID: 12mm (will be different by shuttle size and coil height )
Finished OD range: 20~150mm
Max. Speed: 1200rpm
Winding motor: 1/2HP DC brushless motor
Spread motor: Stepping motor
Memory capacity: 999 steps
Dimension: 600x360x700mm
Net Weight: 47kg
Voltage: AC220V/110V 50/60 Hz
Power: 450W

Winding Mode KS-W532 KS-W533 KS-W534 KS-W535 KS-W536 KS-W537 KS-W538
Coil OD. 5-20mm 5~60mm 8~60mm 8~60mm 8~60mm 25-160mm 25-160mm
Min. Inside Diameter of Finished Coil 3mm 3mm 7mm 6mm 7mm 12mm 12mm
Max. Outside Diameter of Finished  Coil 15mm 25mm 25mm 45mm 45mm 60mm 60mm
Suitable Wire Range 0.07-0.3mm 0.12~0.8mm 0.05~0.35mm 0.25~0.9mm 0.05~0.4mm 0.5-1.5mm 0.15-0.5mm
Inside Wire Coil Diameter 50mm 100mm 100mm 150mm 150mm 220mm 220mm
Wire Coil Width 1.5 1.8 2.0 2.5 2.4, 2.5, 2.8, 3.4
4.7, 6.3, 7.9, 9.5
4.7, 6.3, 7.9, 9.5 4.7, 6.3, 7.9
9.5,12.7, 15.6
4.7, 6.3, 7.9
9.5,12.7, 15.6
8 10 12 15 20 8 10 12 15 20

The machine is widely used for toroidal inductor, toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal current sensor, toroidal coil, toroidchock coil, power inductors, power magnetics, UPS inductor, converter inductors, watter metter sensors, toroid current transformer of electronicwatter-hour meter, power factor corrector toroid coil, etc.