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Multi-spindles Automatic Coil Winding Twisting Machine

  • Model:KS-W54 Series
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Automatic winding and twisting.
Twisting speed is adjustable from 0 to 99 in the program.
999 sets of program can be stored for convenient operation.
Easy program setting for new users.
Multiple spindles winding synchronal guarantee highest efficiency.
Foot-switch connection release your hands.
Automatic fault diagnosis function.

Model KS-W544 KS-W546
Winding Spindles 4 6
Power Source single phase 220V 50/60HZ
Twisting Motor AC 200W servo motor
Winding Motor DC brushless 400W
Winding Speed 8000RPM
Twisting Speed 6000RPM
Twisting Stocks programable between 3~ 19(odd number)
Twisting Length 130~ 300mm
Rounds of Threaded Wire 1 ~ 999T
Wire Diameter 0.01~ 0.25mm
Spread Pitch 0~ 9.99mm
Spread Width (winding width or traverse length) Max. 110mm
Winding Diameter Max. 80mm Max. 60mm
Net Weight 75kg
Dimension 80x53x60cm

KS-W54 Series CNC Coil Winding Machine have coil winding and twisting function.
Widely used for winding the very fine copper wire bobbin coils (such as: inverters, relays, transformers, etc.)
The machine is designed into Four Spindles and Six Spindles, hence it's time-saving.