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Wine Bottle Labeling Machine with Date Printer

  • Model:KS-L605
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

Specially designed for wine bottle labeling, suitable for single and double labeling, the distance between two labels is adjustable.
High labeling accuracy, intelligent control system allows manual and automatic operation.
Under automatic mode, photoelectric tracking device to detect the workpiece, automatic labeling.
Simple function switch, dial selector switch selectable single or double standard labeling, double-standard state, are free to adjust the pitch of the back label.
Optional label location detection device can be achieved in the case has been labeled, the label affixed to one another.
Health and safety, equipment, mainly made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum production, in line with the GMP requirements.
High stability, the use of PLC + Italy Atlantis photoelectric sensor control, stable performance, support for 7 × 24h continuous work.
Optional features and components: thermal coding function, circumference circumferential positioning and other function customer required.
Note: The above parameters for reference only. The machine constantly upgrades parameters may cause the actual discrepancies, please understand.

The following technical parameters are for the standard model, other special requirements and functions can be customized.


Labeling Accuracy: ± 0.5mm (excluding product/label error)
Labeling Speed: 15 ~ 30 / min (depend on product size)
Applicable Products Diameter: Ø15 ~ Ø150mm
Applicable Label Length: 20 ~ 200mm
Applicable Label Width: 20 ~ 220mm
Power Supply: 220V/50HZ
Power Rating: 200W
Applicable Label Inner Diameter: Ø76mm
Applicable Label Outer Diameter: Ø240mm
Net Weight: 45Kg
Dimension: 920 × 470 × 500mm

Suitable for labeling round bottle in different sizes, it has code printing function,

able to print date and other information on the label.