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Automatic Spring Forming Machine KS-F812

  • Model:KS-F812
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

This automatic spring machine is equipped with advanced computer control system which imported from Taiwan;
Adopt imported servo motor which both are able to work independently or cooperate with each other;
Under high accuracy detection device, the machine will stop automatically while unqualified product occurred;
Modified auto-oiling system ensured long term use;
Specially designed wire feeder saves trouble during wire feeding procedure and improve working speed greatly.

Model: KS-WF812
Wire Diameter Range: Φ1.0~Φ3.5mm
Max. Outside Diameter: 80mm
Wire Feeding Speed: 0~110m/min
Power Supply: 380V 50Hz
Cam Servo Motor: 4.5kw
Wire Feeding Servo Motor: 4.5kw
Core Servo Motor: 1.0kw
Net Weight: 1800kg
Dimensions: 1650x800x1900mm
Screen Language: English
Maximum Feeding Length: Unlimited

Widely used in producing various kinds of springs, such as Torsional Spring, Double Torsional Spring, Tension Spring, Battery Spring, Wire Forming industry, etc.