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Automatic Wire Forming Machine KS-F817

  • Model:KS-F817
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:


Controlled by 4 sets of Advanced Servo Motors which manufactured in Taiwan, this Computer Spring Forming Machine (also called Wire Forming Machine) proved its leading position in wire forming  field.
English operation system, easy to adjust, this is a well-designed equipment for you to save labor cost and ensure products' quality.
The screen will show real time working condition, allow the operator to adjust production parameters at any time in need.
Long time working is guaranteed by automatic oiling system for the mechanical parts.
The machine will stop automatically if wire feeding is unnormal.

Model: KS-WF817
Material Diameter: Φ2.0~Φ6.0 (steel wire Φ3.0~Φ8.0)
Max. Diameter: 80mm  
Wire Feeding Speed: 0~110m/min
Feeding Length: 0.01~9999.99mm
Wire Feeding Instruction Value: ±0.01 ~ ±9999.99
Cam Setting Value: ±0.1° ~ ±359.9°
Cam Servo Motor: 7.0kw
Wire Feeding Servo Motor: 7.0kw
Zaxis Servo Motor: 1.5kw
Wire Transfer Servo Motor: 7.0kw
Cam Transmission Speed: 1~60rpm
Power Supply: 380V 50HZ
Dimension: 1320x730x1720mm
Weight: 5800kg

This model is able to produce nearly any kind of springs in the market, such as double torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda-shaped compression spring, rectangle spring and other special shaped springs.