2 Axis Spring Forming Machine KS-F801

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2 Axis Spring Forming Machine KS-F801

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1. KS-F801 Computer Spring Forming Machine adopt Taiwan imported computer control system and servo motor, easy operation, accurate positioning, the computer controls three to eight servo motors

2. All motors are able to be operated synchronously or separately;

3. A precision detecting and tracking device, such as substandard products can automatically stop;

4. According to the fluorescent screen work, can at any time on product outer diameter angle correction;

5. Automatic mechanical parts and automatic lubrication design, ensure the long time running of equipment;

6. When the wireless and wire breakage, winding automatically stops when the wire frame design and automatic acceleration, make production more easily and effectively;

7. Applicable to the production of torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda  spring, spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, volute spring, different spring and high difficulty of complex shaped spring.


Roll Material Diameter: Φ0.2-  Φ1.2mm

Max. Diameter: 25mm

Speed: Max560 / min.

Wire Feeding Instruction Value: ±0.01 ~ ±9999.99

Cam Setting Value: ±0.1° ~ ±359.9°

Wire Feeding Servo Motor: 1.5kw

Cam Motor: 1kw

Power Supply: 380V 50HZ

Dimension: 660x800x1400mm

Weight: 400kg