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Automatic Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine

  • Model:KS-T320
  • Wire Size:
  • Dimension:

The automatic ribbon cable stripping and crimping machine is especially designed for processing ribbon cables,

  • The ribbon cable slitting unit is able to separate the cable ends automatically, the slitting length can be set in program automatically, both-side stripping and crimping terminal.

This machine is also suitable for processing ordinary electronic wire harnesses, it's able to process multiple wires at a time and has high production efficiency.

Available Wires:2-20Pins Ribbon Cable (Max. Width: 28mm), Normal Electric Wires
Available Wire Size: AWG28 ~ AWG18 (OD 0.8 ~ 2.5mm)
Cutting Length: 55 ~ 850mm
Stripping Length: Wire Head Max. 7mm, Wire Tail Max. 9mm
Available Terminals: PH,XH,ZH,SCN,SM,VH,etc.
Crimping Capacity: 12000pcs/hour
Air Pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa
Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz
Power Rating: 4000W
Net. Weight: 450Kg
Dimension: 1800 × 1400 × 1550mm