Fully Automatic N95 Foldable Mask Making Machine

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Fully Automatic N95 Foldable Mask Making Machine

  • Model:KS-C95R+V
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

This is a fully automatic N95 foldable mask making machine, it supports Max. 6 rolls of fabric, the 6 station material pre-feeder is driven by 6 independent motors, the tension of the fabric can be controlled to be basically constant. It automatically installs built-in nose clip and welds ear loops, and can be equipped with pad printing or inkjet jet printing functions.

The function of automatically installing exhalation valve is for option, using ultrasonic perforation, vibration plate automatic feeding valves, ultrasonic  welding breathing valve. This function can be turned off during the program, and masks without breathing valve can also be produced.

ModelHole MakingValve WeldingPAD Printing

Foldable Mask With Valve


Layout Drawing of N95 Face Mask Making Machine

Product TypeFoldable Respirator MaskAir Pump0.6MPa
Product SizeFolded Size 160mm x 105mm (Size can be fine-tune  by parts replacement)Qualified rate95%
Capacity35-45 pcs/minCompressed Air Flux

300L/min(stable flux guaranteed; oil and water have to be filtered)

Raw MaterialHydrophilic non-woven fabric, Melt-blown non-woven    fabric, Thermal bonding non-woven fabric.ConditionNew
Layers3-6 LayersGross Weight3600KG
Process ModeUltrasonic welding + CuttingUltrasound20KHZ
Welding PatternsCustomized by samplePower Consumption10KW
Ear-loop FixUltrasonic weldingPower Supply


380V/50Hz for option

Operation Screen10 inches touch screenInstallation Area13000mmx2100mmx2100mm

Face Mask Making Machine Body Size & Inside Width of Wooden Box

L (cm)W (cm)H (CM)
Roll Load Device30090154
Roll Load Device Package Dimension30696157
Marking Device13067155
Marking Device Package Dimension13673158
Earloop Welding Device221104171
Earloop Welding Device Package Dimension227110174
Unload Mask Device16086131
Unload Mask Device Package Dimension16692134

List of raw materials required for production

Material NameWidth/SizeRoll Diameter
1.Surface Spunbond Non-woven Fabric 
2. Filter Layer 95/99 Meltblown Cloth260mm<=600mm
3.Thermal Bonding Non-woven Fabric260mm<=600mm
4. Skin-friendly Spunbond Non-woven Fabric260mm<=600mm
5. Nose Wire3~5mm<=600mm
6.Flat Earloop Elastic Rope5mm--

If you want to produce 1 million disposable masks, 

the approximate amount of raw materials required is as follows:

1.Surface Spunbond Non-woven Fabric 1000Kg
2.Filter Layer 95/99 Meltblown Cloth1000Kg
3.Thermal Bonding Non-woven Fabric1000Kg
4.Skin-friendly Spunbond Non-woven Fabric1000Kg
5.Nose Wire600Kg
6.Flat Earloop Elastic Rope800Kg