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Portable Wire Crimping Tool

  • Model:KS-T807
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

Use quadrilateral crimping mould instead of traditional fixed mould, more flexible to crimp insulated terminals.
Since the square can be adjusted steplessly, the crimping specification can be set freely within 4-70mm².
After crimping, the terminals look nice and has no rough edges.
The machine is driven by dual-action normal cylinder which has advantages of high efficiencyand quality in crimping force and speed. It works perfectly for cableend-sleeves.

  • Assemble the cable end-sleeves and the power supply cord first.


  • Adjust the size of nozzle according to the diameter of the clamped cable end-sleeves you required. (Increase caliber by twisting anticlockwise, decrease caliber by clockwise)


Range of application: 4 ~ 120mm2
Length: 440mm
Weight: 6Kg