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Power Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

  • Model:KS-T300R
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

This is a fully automatic power cord production line, it includes a variety of functions, such as cable cutting, both side outside jacket stripping, cable head core wire stripping, color sequence identification, automatic feeding, crimping, etc.

Available Cable: Max. 3 cores round cable

Core Wire Size: Max. 1.5mm2

Capacity: 900~1200pcs/hour

Crimping Force: 4Ton

Good Rate: >99%

Cable Tail Stripping Length: 20~500mm

Power Rating: 4.5KW

Air Source: 0.5~0.8Mpa

Power Supply: AC220V/AC380V 50Hz

Net. Weight: 2500Kg

Dimension: L2000*W5000*H1950mm