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Label Counting & Rewinding Machine

  • Model:KS-L960
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:680×350×650mm

This is a multifunctional label counting and rewinding machine which can rewind the labels into small rolls according to the specified quantity or length. It has built-in correction and tension control system, the rewinding effect is neat. It has a compact structure and can be used on the desktop. Vertical construction makes it easy to add additional functionality on top.

In addition to the basic rewinding function, it also has many optional modules, such as inkjet printing device, laser marking device, label visual inpection system, code reading detection, rfid reader & inspection system, dirt defect detection, UPS power, etc.


For example, if the automatic label scanning system is selected, the read barcode and QR code data can be saved to a computer or U disk, and can also be uploaded to a remote database in real time to verify the correctness of the data.

Max. Label Width: 120mm

Max. Label Roll Diameter: 220~450mm can be customized

Max. Label Roll Weight: 3kg

Max. Counting Speed: 10000pcs/min

Max. Feeding Speed: 60m/min

Reverse Speed: 50m/min

Counting Accuracy: >99.9%

Multi-column Label Count: support Max. 4 columns

Optional Function: inkjet printer, visual inspection, code reader, etc.

Power Rating: 300W

Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz

Dimension: 680×350×650mm

Counting Function
Length Count×optional
Automatic Cut×optional
Touch Screen
Speed Adjustable
support 1~4 columns
Label Roll ID76mm (can be customized)
Label Roll OD200mm (can be customized)
Step Mode×
UPS Power Supplyoptionaloptional
Transparent Label×optional
Missing Detection
Code Reading×optional