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Precautions For Using Automatic Terminal Machine

2023-02-20 10:11:05 美工

As an important equipment for wire harness processing, the automatic terminal machine has various functions such as feeding, cutting, stripping and crimping. The progress is deeply favored by enterprises. But once a failure occurs, it will have an impact on the production schedule and the service life of the machine. Therefore, it is essential to strictly abide by the precautions for the use of the automatic terminal machine and the maintenance of the automatic terminal machine equipment. Doing a good job in the maintenance of the automatic terminal machine can avoid a series of unnecessary problems and ensure production progress and efficiency.

Matters needing attention:

  • The mold clamping must be accurate and firm; the mold clearance is reasonable, and the mold edge is often kept sharp.

  • It is forbidden to overload the machine, and the impact pressure of the workpiece to be processed must not exceed the limit.

  • Before turning on the motor, the clutch must be disengaged and the flywheel in the idling position.

  • When repairing and maintaining the machine by two or more people, be sure to confirm the safety before starting the operation.

  • During the operation, if the machine has abnormal noise or abnormal response, turn off the power first, and ask professionals to repair and debug it in time.

  • During the operation, before the power supply of the machine is disconnected, it is forbidden for fingers or any part of the body to enter the stamping range, so as to avoid industrial accidents.

  • During the operation, if you need to leave the workplace for a long time, you must ensure that the power is turned off before leaving.

  • When replacing the terminal, the power must be disconnected first, and then the replacement is carried out. It is strictly forbidden to replace it during the operation of the machine.

  • During the operation, if there is a terminal stuck in the die, the machine must be turned off first, and then removed with scissors or a needle before continuing the operation.

  • It is strictly forbidden for non-designated staff to debug or disassemble machine parts without permission, so as to avoid potential safety hazards and unnecessary losses.