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Focusing on induction training, post skill training and business concept training, and focusing on quality and capacity building, Kingsing has gradually formed a multi-level, classified, multi-form, results-oriented and dynamic training pattern that is compatible with the development of the enterprise and conforms to the growth law of employees. The purpose of the training is to ensure that all new employees and senior employees can complete their work more independently and skillfully. After training, employees should fully understand their work processes and master the application skills closely related to products and services.

Kingsing's training includes pre-job training for new employees, production training system, management training system and key talent development plan.

Pre-job training for new employees: The human resources department of the company shall organize the training for new employees who recruit more than eight people in a centralized manner, which shall not be less than three days. The main content is the company profile, development history, strategic objectives, company culture, product introduction, general rules and regulations and general safety operation procedures. After new employees arrive at the workshop, they shall be trained on their job responsibilities and operation procedures. The actual training in the workshop in the first month shall not be less than six hours, Make each employee clear the scope of his/her job responsibilities, what he/she should know, what he/she should do, and what he/she cannot do after arriving at the post; What standards should be achieved for the work of this post, and the operation procedures and safety operation procedures of this post should be clarified. New employees should have a written examination after two months on duty, and the examination results should be included in the assessment of the probation period. The Human Resources Department will conduct pre-job training once a month for new employees who are regularly recruited.

Production training is crucial to our business development. It focuses on post time training, supplemented by off-job training, and grows rapidly in practice; Targeted training for new employees of different categories; The training process is strictly managed and assessed. Kingsing has a number of technical engineers who are responsible for training the production team leaders. The training focuses on quality, efficiency and safety. Each production team leader will train 5 to 8 operators.

The professional knowledge training of sales, finance, technology department, human resources and other departments is organized by the department head, and the main content is the systematic training of the relevant professional knowledge of the department. In combination with the professional problems in the actual operation of the work, the training exchange is discussed, and the subordinate is taught how to do a good job and improve the subordinate's professional skills, once a week, no less than one hour each time. There are various forms of training, and the purpose is to improve personnel quality, work quality and product quality.

Both internal and external training should be carried out closely around the following centers:

1. General production workers: strengthen the in-depth understanding of corporate culture, code of conduct, strategic objectives, guiding ideology, comprehensively improve professional quality, work skills, learning awareness, etc., constantly improve the business level and operating skills of operators, and enhance the ability to strictly perform their duties;

2. Marketing Department: strengthen service awareness, improve service ability and develop market expansion ability;

3. Technology Department: focus on technological innovation, improve technical awareness, accelerate the training of technology and backbone talents, improve the level of technical theory and professional skills, and enhance the ability of scientific research and development, technological innovation, and technological transformation;

4. Management Department: promote inter-departmental and inter-regional internal division and cooperation, improve knowledge structure, and enhance comprehensive management ability, innovation ability and implementation ability.

2023 Training Plan:

1. Cultivate 2 senior engineers, 5 deputy senior engineers and at least 10 intermediate technicians. Focus on basic work, focus on training intermediate workers and senior engineers, and strive for more than 50% of the proportion of intermediate workers and senior engineers, so as to improve the quality of technical management personnel as a whole.

2. In 2023, Kingsing will actively create conditions to encourage talented employees to apply for training courses closely related to her/his work, and give partial or full reimbursement of training costs as appropriate, so as to achieve the unity of personal development and enterprise training needs.

3. Adhere to the three principles of training personnel, training content and training time. In 2023, the accumulated time for managers of all departments to participate in operation and management training shall not be less than 56 hours; The accumulated time of business training for technical personnel shall not be less than 96 hours; The accumulated time of operation skill training for front-line production operators shall not be less than 120 hours.

4. Carry out professional skills competition to promote the growth of various outstanding talents. The company will select 2-3 major occupations for skill competition every six months, and select and cultivate excellent high-skilled talents through professional competition.

At Kingsing, the training expenditure for talents is not only a simple investment, but also an important investment. This investment not only promotes the improvement of the quality of employees, but also has more technical and management returns, and this return is more long-term and meaningful than the simple capital investment. The key talent development plan is an important project of Kingsing. It is committed to cultivating talented employees, so as to improve Kingsing's products and services, and to ensure that Kingsing is invincible in the fierce market competition.