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Maintenance Of Terminal Machine

2023-02-20 10:11:48 美工

In the regular maintenance and repair of the terminal, it must be comprehensive and meticulous. Professional maintenance personnel can also be invited to carry out maintenance, find out the potential safety hazards of the terminal, and timely eliminate the faults, so as to effectively improve the performance and extend the service time. The maintenance of the terminal machine mainly includes the following aspects:

Machine cleaning: operators must clean the machine every day to remove dust, debris and excess oil stains on the surface of the machine, and ensure that the inside and outside of the equipment are clean, and all mechanical parts are free from oil and gas leakage.

Orderly placement: tools, accessories and workpieces (products) shall be placed in order to avoid processing errors caused by clutter.

Good lubrication: properly add grease to the running part of the machine, lubrication points and friction parts of the machine each shift to maintain lubrication and reduce component wear.

Safe operation: comply with the safe operation procedures, do not overload the equipment, the safety protection devices of the equipment are complete and reliable, and timely eliminate unsafe factors.

Machine inspection: weekly check whether all parts of the machine work normally and whether all connectors and fasteners are loose. In case of looseness, fasten it in time. If organic parts are found to be worn, they must be replaced in time.