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Wire Stripping Sealing and Crimping Machine

  • Model:KS-T5252
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  1. This is a semi-automatic wire stripping and inserting waterproof plug terminal machine, which can process 2 wires at the same time, and the waterproof plug is automatically fed through the feeding system. The operator only needs to put two wire ends into the jig at the same time, and the machine can automatically complete the actions of inserting the waterproof plug, stripping the wire, and crimping the terminal, which simplifies the process and greatly improves production efficiency. This machine adopts the working method of inserting the waterproof plug first and then stripping the wire, which can completely eliminate the copper wire flipping phenomenon caused by inserting the waterproof plug, and greatly improves the accuracy and stability of inserting the waterproof plug.

  2. The workmanship of the whole machine is precise, using Taiwan Shangyin screw guide rail, TBI screw, SMC cylinder, FESTO solenoid valve, the stripping mechanism is driven by Mitsubishi servo motor, and the stripping length is accurate. The terminal crimping machine is also driven by a servo motor, and the crimping height is stable and reliable. In addition, a crimping force monitor can also be selected to monitor the crimping force curve changes of each crimping process in real time, and automatically alarm and stop when the crimping force is abnormal. The machine is equipped with a three-color alarm light on the safety shield, and it will automatically alarm and stop when the safety door is opened.

  3. Adopting the concept of flexible design, one machine can process a variety of different products. When replacing waterproof plugs and terminals, it is only necessary to replace the corresponding track fixtures and crimping applicators. Color touch screen operation interface, stripping length, waterproof plug insertion depth, crimping terminal position and other functions can be set through the program. The program memory function can save the processing parameters of different products in the database, and the corresponding parameters can be called out with one key when switching products.

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Applicable wire diameter: AWG24~14 (0.2~2.5mm2)

Core wire length: ≥25mm

Stripping length: ≤10mm

Crimping force: 3T

Crimp stroke: 30mm (40mm stroke is optional)

Crimping Motor: Servo Motor

Maximum diameter of waterproof plug: Φ10mm

Maximum length of waterproof plug: 10mm

Single cycle time: 3 seconds

Production efficiency: 1000~1200 pieces/hour

Working voltage: 220V 50/60Hz

Net weight: 350kg

Dimensions: 1100*920*1600mm

Optional configuration: crimping force monitor


  • The above specifications are for reference only. In the case of extremely hard, tough wires, processing may not be possible even within the cross section range. In case of doubt, KINGSING will be happy to provide processing samples of your wires.

  • Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.