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How to Select a Good Terminal Machine?

2022-10-10 11:14:02 美工

To distinguish whether a terminal machine is good or bad, we should mainly judge from the following aspects:

Terminal machine configuration. The performance of a poorly configured machine will not be too high in any aspect. Most of the time, it breaks down because of a screw or burr, so you must not save this aspect. The fully automatic terminal machine must use a high configuration.

Crimping effect. The quality of a full-automatic terminal machine mainly depends on the effect of its crimping terminals. If the crimping terminals are crooked, or do not crush the copper wire, or the crimping interface is loose, it will directly affect the quality of your products. It will be a fatal wound.


Stripping and cutting effects. Carefully observe whether the wire rods stripped by the full-automatic terminal machine are not clean, the peeling mouth is not aligned, whether the copper wires are damaged, whether the outer skin is scratched, whether the wire rods have obvious twists and turns, and the length is different, etc. Of course, there is an error in the length of stripping and cutting lines, which is 0.2mm+(set length × 0.002 mm)。

Crimping speed of automatic terminal machine. On the premise that the above points are similar, the working speed of the automatic terminal machine will be another important indicator to measure it. Enterprises choose full-automatic terminal machine mainly because of its working efficiency. If its speed is higher, it will bring you higher production efficiency.