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Heat Shrink Tubing Infrared Heat Shrink Tunnel

  • Model:KS-H660
  • Net. Weight:103kg
  • Dimension:1800×860×1070mm
  1. This is an automatic heat shrinkable tube heating tunnel, which is widely used in the wire harness processing industry. It adopts infrared heating tube for heating, the heating temperature can be adjusted freely, and the rugged design allows it to work 24 hours a day!

  2. Both the upper and lower sides of the tunnel are equipped with infrared heating tubes, the interior of the heating zone is filled with thermal insulation materials to isolate the internal and external temperatures, and there are heat reflective materials inside, so the heat shrinkable tube is heated evenly.

  3. The machine is equipped with a conveyor belt, it allows almost unlimited length of heat shrink tubing, and the height of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted according to the size of your product, the discharge port is equipped with an cooling fan, which can cool the finished heat-shrinked products. The operator only needs to throw the wires on the conveyor belt, then the wire can be sent to the heating area for heating, it helps to keep the operator away from the risk of scalding.

  4. It is suitable for heating various types of heat-shrinkable tubes, such as: PE heat-shrinkable tubes, PVC heat-shrinkable tubes, double-walled heat-shrinkable tubes with glue, POF heat-shrinkable films, etc. This machine adopts the overall heating method, and the whole product will be heated during the process.

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FeatureBasic ModelAdvanced Model
TEMP. Tolerance±5℃±3℃
Control SystemManual KnobDigital Adjustment
Shutdown Cooling

KS-H660A:  The cooling fan will work for 60 seconds and then shut down.

KS-H660B:  After shutdown, the cooling fan continues to work until the temperature is below 50℃.

Heating MethodInfrared heating tubes are installed on both sides with heat reflective materials inside.
Heating Area1000×650mm
Max. Temperature260℃
Max. Wire OD25mm
Max. Inlet Height120mm
Max. Tube Length650mm
Conveyor Belt Width650mm
Feeding Speed1~5m/min
Power Supply380V 50/60Hz
Power Rating9.4KW
Net. Weight103kg

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.