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Reasons for tool breakage and wear

2022-10-10 11:16:43 美工

Automatic terminal machine is used to press the hardware head to the wire end before conducting, and is widely used in automobile wire harness and cable. However, the automatic terminal machine often has various faults, so we should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the automatic terminal machine. The tools are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, so the fracture and wear of the tools are also common. What causes this?


  • The feeding speed needs to be reduced because the feeding speed is too fast;

  • If the chip removal amount is too high, we should reduce the feed rate of each tooth accordingly;

  • If the blade length is too long or the total length is too long, the solution is to fix the handle deeper and use a shorter end milling cutter;

  • Because the terminal machine has been used for too long, it causes too much wear, so the workers need to conduct initial grinding.

In a word, tool wear will definitely affect the normal use of the terminal machine, but this situation can be completely avoided. Regularly check the condition of the cutter and maintain the cutter and terminal machine to maintain a high production efficiency. If a major fault does occur, it should not be disassembled blindly for maintenance, but should be handled by professionals.