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Pneumatic Cable Crimping Tool

  • Model:KS-T802
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

This crimping machine is driven bydual-action cylinder, which has advantage of high efficiency and quality inboth crimping force and speed. The machine is fit for crimping various kinds ofterminals. 

The die sets are interchangeable with our manual crimping tools.

Operation steps

1. Put the terminal in relevant die set.

2. Put the stripped insulated conductor in o the terminal, and loose it after crimping.

3. Cut off air supply, loose the screws on the die set with the L spanner.

4. Replace a suitable die set and tighten the screws.



non-insulated terminals Max. 240mm2 
U-type terminals Max. 220mm2 
Crimping Force: 3T 
Air Pressure: 0.4-1Mpa 
Dimension: 260x120x140mm 
Net. Weight: 27kg