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Automatic Wire Head and Tail Forming Production Line

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This machine integrates automatic whole wire reel loading, automatic wire cutting (the cutting length is adjustable on the touch screen), outside jacket of the wire head stripping, dust sweeping, colors distinguishing, core wires separating, core wires forming, core wires stripping, and colors checking (will not crimping terminals if polarity is wrong), crimping French head terminals, CCD detection after crimping the head (NG will be picked out), the outside jacket of wire tail stripping, dust sweeping, colors distinguishing, core wires separating, cutting lengths according to core wires colors, and core wires stripping, colors checking (will not crimping the terminals if the polarity is wrong), the ground terminal crimping, the neutral terminal crimping, the live wire and fuse terminals crimping, grab the crimped semi-finished product to the mold strip, injection molding the head and tail, the head and tail of the finished product electrical testing (electrical test NG will be picked out) and grabbing wire to the assembly line are completed in one go.

Applicable wires: three-core round wires below 1.5 sqmm, rubber wires/PVC wires

Capacity: 800~900PCS/hour

Force: 4T

Power supply: AC220V/AC380V 50HZ

Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa

Power Rating: 60KW

Weight: 12000Kg

Dimensions (L×W ×H): 16500mm*5000mm*1950mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.