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Automatic Robust Tape Cutting Machine

  • Model:KS-B130
  • Max. Width:200mm
  • Blade Type:Various Types
  • Net. Weight:105kg
  • Dimension:550×445×465mm
  1. This is a robust high-speed tape cutting machine, the cutting blade is driven by a strong cylinder, so it's suitable for cutting thick materials, such as safety belt, backpack straps, etc. The speed of this machine is very high, take 50mm cutting length as an example, it can cut 170pcs per minute.

  2. Color touch screen operation interface, with program storage function, easy to operate.

ModelBlade TypeSpeedPower Rating
KS-B130CCold Knife170pcs/min300W
KS-B130CHCold & Hot170pcs/min900W
KS-B130HHot Knife170pcs/min1500W
KS-B130RCold Knife120pcs/min300W

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