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USB3.1 Connector Hot Press Welding Machine

  • Model:KS-W22E
  • Net. Weight:19kg
  • Dimension:330×550×280mm

This is a high frequency welding machine with fast welding speed, it supports double-sided welding, suitable for HDMI, USB3.0, DP, Mini DP, FFC, LVDS and other connectors and wires. By simply changing the plug fixture, many different products can be processed on the same machine.

Color touch screen operation interface, welding power, welding time, cooling time and other parameters can be set on the screen.


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Capacity: 500~800pcs/hour

Air Source: 0.2~0.4Mpa

Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz

Net. Weight: 19kg

Dimension: 330×550×280mm