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Automatic Coaxial Cable Crimping and Soldering Machine

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This model combines precision coaxial wire stripping machine, robot, high-resolution vision technology, automatic riveting, automatic testing, automatic flux dipping and automatic soldering. It is further optimized and upgraded on the basis of the original model, and the overall straight line Type design, simple and practical structure, more space-saving, high throughput rate! Efficiency and performance have been greatly improved!

Wire cutting capacity: 35mm-800mm (35mm dipped tin end stripping size does not exceed 5mm)

Processing diameter: 0.81-1.78mm

Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm

Working power supply: AC220V±10V

Dimensions: 2300*1400*2200

Power: about 3KW

Weight: about 1200kg

Production efficiency: 900-1200PCS/H (depending on the stripping length)

Finished product yield: ≥99.7%

Equipment utilization rate: ≥95%